Saturday, February 5, 2011

February 5th: A Very Vera Day!

So today I thought I would pull out ALLLLL of my Vera Bradley and document it!! Now, keep in mind, I've already given away at least 5 pieces to a friend... These are mostly purchased in the past 3 years in our marriage! Ok, buckle down folks, it's gonna be a loooong ride! If you get through this there will be a surprise at the end! -Note- There are a few missing accessories. Flat iron cases, a cosmetic case, and a sunglass case. I have issues! :P

(I am placing these in categories, the putting them oldest first chronologically!)
::Ditty Bag in "New Hope"- Breast Cancer Awareness pattern::

::Glasses Case in Slate Blooms::

::Business Card Holder in Folkloric::

 ::Small Wallet in Mesa Red::

::Compact Wallet in "Hope Garden"- Breast Cancer Awareness pattern::

::All-in-One Wristlet in Make Me Blush::

:: Clip Zip ID in Night & Day::

::Turn Lock Wallet in Baroque::

::Euro Wallet in Totally Turq::

::Jilly in Maison Blue::

 ::(Unknown style) in Blue Toile::

::Jilly in Jasmine:: - formerly my sister's bag

::Handbag in Jasmine:: (yes, the style was called "Handbag")- formerly my sister's bag

::Backpack in Mesa Red::

::Morgan in Make Me Blush::

::Morgan in Bali Blue::

::Hipster in Night & Day::

::Reversible Tote in Blue Rhapsody::
::Small Duffel in Bermuda Pink::

::Vera in Mesa Red:: - First piece I purchased on my own!!

::Small Duffel in Puccini::

::Super Tote in Puccini::

::Laptop Portfolio in Very Berry Paisley::

::Pleated Tote in Hope Garden::

Ok, disclaimer. This next bag is a terrible ending, but it tells of my love for Vera. I purchased this baby bag as it was being retired. I got a great price on it, and bought the above luggage in Puccini to match. I bought this right as DH and I decided that we were going to TTC. This was 14 months ago, and as you can see, the tag is still on it. This bag depresses me so much that it stays closed up in a box above the closet in the future nursery. But I love Vera so much that I put my cart before the horse for this bag.

::Baby Bag in Puccini::

What a faithful reader you were!!!! Here is your prize!!! Chocolate chip cookies for everyone!!!


  1. Too funny! I do love the backpack, mine was ruined by a really gross story that's dog related. I do hope your baby bag is used soon and my prayers are sent to you!
    I love the new updated blog as well.

  2. Love the collection! I too hope you get to use the baby bag soon!

  3. Saw your link on TB Photog board. Love your collection. I have maybe an eighth of what you have but I am trying to expand. I have a Very Berry Paisley large duffle on the way and I'm about to bid on a VBP Baby Bag on eBay. And I hope you get to use your Baby Bag very soon!!!