Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm home!!! (huge post!!!)

I know, it's been FOREVER since I posted!! I had a great vacation, and some great rest afterward!

Ok, where we went/what we did:

Thursday the 10th:
We drove to po-dunk SC (literally the middle of nowhere) to meet with DH's superintendent before the big job thing on Friday. It was nasty rainy and windy, but I managed to get a few shots.

::They got SOME concrete on the tank Thursday before the rain::

::Sand-covered Rebar::

::Stormy skies floating away::

Thursday evening we decided to go stay with my uncle, aunt, and two youngest cousins. They are HAMS!!!!

Friday the 11th:
We got up at 5:00 (WOW!) and left by 6am to head back to po-dunk!! This was the sunrise we drove towards!

The rest of the workday was spent watching these guys shoot concrete onto a tank:

And I made a new friend!!

Around 4 we left for our next destination... The beach! I saw these beautiful blossoms when we stopped for dinner, and we drove away from the sunset.

Saturday the 12th:
Waking up to the beach! Then a journey to Wilmington, NC to visit one of my girlfriends!!

Then we got SUPER touristy and went to the USS North Carolina (pictured above)

Sunday the 13th:
We visited my grandparents' beach house and went for a walk on the beach (it was still closed up for the winter so we couldn't stay there).

::I coerced him to get in the water... It was FREEZING!!!::

::The old, dependable cabana that my dad and some of his buddies built::

Monday the 14th:
I'm on my way home! I stopped in Charleston County at the Hampton Plantation to get in touch with my southern heritage. It was breathtaking!! These pictures don't do any of it justice.

::The owner forged this ornate bench HIMSELF::


  1. Looks like you had fun! I love the picture of the men on the scaffolding. Too funny :)

  2. I mentioned this on TB....but these are really great pictures! You are rockin' your new camera! I love the typewriter picture....and the storefront with the two chairs. Isn't it amazing how you see everyday ordinary things now that you are looking at them through a viewfinder!