Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm sorry for being MIA!

Hi everyone!! I'm really sorry to all of you who have been checking my blog and been DISAPPOINTED!!! My life has been busy and somewhat undergoing a change.

About me now: I'm almost done with my photography class, I'm going to start SBing (skill building) through a photography charity drive, and then I will research for potentially (still not sure) starting PBing (portfolio building) and going professional! Who knows?! The world is at my door, I just have to answer it!

Ok, so where have I been the past month? I will show you!! Prepare for a LONG post! :)

First, a couple of pieces that I had to take for my class! Our categories for this still life assignment were tools and toys. So the first is tools, the second is toys.

Now for a few vacation pictures! I went to a friend's lakehouse for a girl's getaway yarning weekend!


::My friend's knitting project::

::The Lake with a fellow bumpie's lens since we had a mini GTG::

Last week, DHh and I went to Niagara Falls for a wedding, and headed up a few days early so we could have some vacation time on our own!! It was beautiful!!

::Canadian Falls::

::American Falls at night::

::Night shot in the cold mist with DH::
Thanks for looking!! Sorry I've been such a lame poster this past month! I'm hoping that I'll get better??

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